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Newton Scam Alert - December 5, 2019

Community Advisory from Newton Police Department

On Wednesday December 4, 2019, Newton Police responded to a Langley Rd. home address for a report of a larceny involving a large sum of money. According to the elderly residents, two persons described as white males, in their 40's or 50's, wearing similar gray jackets, (first male has dark hair and is about 6 feet tall, with the second male being stocky and about 5'8" tall), came to their home and presented themselves to be from the water department. One of the subjects indicated that the water company was working in the area and presented an identification, which may have read "Metropolitan Water Department." At this time, the other subject came to the door and appeared to be in a uniform.

Both subjects requested the male resident to turn on the water on the second floor, and then the basement. While the stocky male was with the resident in the basement, the other subject asked the female resident to come downstairs into the basement too. After spending approximately 15 to 20 minutes in the home, both subjects left through the front door, with no vehicle being heard nor seen leaving the area.

A short time later, the female resident went back into a second floor room and discovered that a significant amount of cash was missing. Both residents said that a week earlier, someone came to their home and offered to do work on their roof. A cash deposit was paid but that person never returned. A similar description of that subject fits one of the suspect's in the larceny. The police are once again reminding residents, that the City of Newton Water Department will only come to your home on a scheduled appointment. If there is an emergency and a utility worker does respond to your home, they will have identification from the City of Newton and most likely, their vehicle will be on the street with the City of Newton seal on the doors.

Before letting any utility worker or person(s) into your home, call that utility service or police to verify their identity.