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A Community Worth Hearing About

The way we see it at West Newton Hearing Center, we're not just in the business of helping you with your hearing loss. We're in the business of preserving your independence. Of helping you live the life you want to live, as self-sufficiently as possible. That also happens to be the mission of a community organization called Newton at Home. And that’s why we're such staunch supporters.

Newton at Home is all about neighbors helping neighbors. It's about people in Newton who are 60 and older who have formed a village of sorts. A village that helps members as they age with dozens of everyday tasks from getting to a doctor's appointment to figuring out your stupid smart phone.

If you’re looking for a way to stay in your home as you age, this is a terrific option. We highly recommend you become a member or get involved as a volunteer.

Melissa Mahaffey, Au.D. and Kevin Mahaffey, M.A. 
Directors, West Newton Hearing Center 
Telephone (617) 332-7244 •